• Tony

    Hi everyone, in my last skype lesson Willie suggested that I consider getting feedback for the music I’ve composed by uploading to a youtube channel and posting the link on this forum. I’ve done that (although still got two others to record and upload) and would very much appreciate any (honest but gentle 🙂 feedback.

    My channel can be found here:




  • Tom

    Nice job, Hang Dog! I was wondering, do you come up with a melody first, or a progression first?

    • Tony

      Thanks Tom 🙂

      I think it’s mostly progression first.

      Often I’m not attempting to compose anything – I might be just exploring chords sequences as a bit of practice, or I’m copying a part of another song and playing about with that. I mess about with the chords and this sometimes produces combinations which I like the sound of. If something does catch my attention, I start to explore further, changing some chord sequences and introducing new chords from the scale to compare.

      From there, the melody is almost suggested within the progression – I try out different possibilities by exploring how things sound when using alternative notes or rhythm. If I hear something I like, I try to add it into the song.

      It’s all a bit random to be honest!

  • Tom

    Keep posting your progress.


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