• willie

    Hello everyone!

    I wanted to let you know how I schedule my week. This way you’ll know how, when and where to get answers from me.

    Coaching With Willie™ – this is my coaching program for all members of PianoWithWillie. It is included with your membership and you must be a member in order to participate.

    I answer Coaching With Willie requests on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. For example, if you submit a request on a Tuesday, you should hear back from me by Wednesday.

    I can not stress this enough: BE PATIENT. There are times that I am traveling, am sick, or need to move my schedule around. My students are VERY important to me, so I will get back to you.

    Student Forum – I get into the student forum several times in the month to answer student posts. I ask that all students post their music-related questions in the forum and do not send them in a support ticket.

    Support Tickets – I DO NOT answer support tickets. This is handled by Kerry. Support tickets are really for billing, account and tech-related questions. If you have a music question, ask it in the forums so all students can benefit from the answer. Or, request Coaching With Willie.

    If you have questions about this schedule, please comment below.

  • alan

    Gentle Willie Myette,

    In addition to the subscription to jazzedge I have purchased the lesson ” I wish – S. Wonder”.
    I like very much your interpretation of that and I’m trying to learn it from your videos.
    I spent much time to recognize and transcribe notes that you play.
    I ask you if is possible to get sheet music of your performance.

    Thanks in advance
    Best regards

    Alan Liva

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